Sunday, March 14, 2010

What is the office etiquette for wearing sweet peep toe, or open toe shoes?

is there a proper way to wear these shoes? with or without nylons? if you wear them with pants do you wear knee highs? - and if with nylons do they have nylons that do not have material that covers the toes? My office requires a woman to wear nylons/hosiery with skirts/dresses ... is it unclassy to wear nylons with these types of shows?

What is the office etiquette for wearing sweet peep toe, or open toe shoes?
If your office requires nylons, then I suppose you should wear them with the shoes. Just avoid the "reinforced toe" variety.
Reply:Just wear regular points. If you really do want to wear the peep-toes though, try cutting off the end. If you don't want to do this, check out your local department store's hosiery section and see if they have toe-less nylons.
Reply:dont wear them with socks. if you want to cover your toes, wear tights, [colors, like black, grey]
Reply:The point of open toe shoes is to show off pretty toes. They don't look right with nylons. If I were in your shoes (tee hee) I would save the peep toes for social occasions and stick to more conservative shoes for the office.
Reply:The office etiquette is usually to wear nylons. I would suggest finding ones that are skin toned because it gives a more natural look. And yes, you should wear nylons even though you are wearing pants. Believe it of not, it does look more professional. I would not suggest, however any other open toe shoes other than peep toe just because it will look more like yo were going out on a date than coming in to work. If you do decide you want to wear your peep toes with nylons, you should plan on painting your toenails. You can wear those brighter color you may never dare to wear otherwise like a bright red because a skin toned nylon will cover up most of the color. (I would also suggest pushing the line at the end of the nylon to under the foot so it is invisable.
Reply:i dont reli like wearin nylons with peep toes cause you normally wear peep toes to show off your toes. i feel it looks a little weird with the nylons. may i suggest court shoes? they are makin a huge comeback and look VERY profesional.


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  1. Nylons should definitely be worn with open toe shoes. It is the sexiest thing on the planet!!


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