Wednesday, October 21, 2009

How can I fix peeling faux leather (on shoes)?

My shoes are made of the common fake leather material which is fabric with some top coat on it that makes it appear leather like. But the shoes have gone through a lot of wear and much of the coating has peeled off. I wanted to know if there was some product to repair it.

How can I fix peeling faux leather (on shoes)?
the answer is , how much do you want to really keep those shoes in lieu of replacing them with another pair.? If you decide to keep them , then you can purchase a tube of shoe glue and go to the fabric store and buy a small amount of faux leather in the similar color and cut and glue it over the old peeling parts.
Reply:They can't be repaired. Throw them out and buy a pair of leather shoes. If you're morally against wearing leather, you'll still have to get another pair of shoes.

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