Saturday, October 24, 2009

Can I return Juicy Couture shoes that I bought from Nordstrom's that have already been worn?

I bought a pair of juicy shoes.They are unbearably painful to wear. I wore them a couple of times hoping with each time i wear them, they will break in. This never happened! I paid over $200 dollars for these shoes! The bottom is really messed up because of the gold material they use on the bottom. Will i still be able to return them? I heard Nordstrom has a very good return policy but I am kind of embarrassed to return something i wore but they were so expensive..what should i do?

Can I return Juicy Couture shoes that I bought from Nordstrom's that have already been worn?
get a refund u should be able to!
Reply:try to get a refund and if you can't maybe you could sell them on E-Bay for $100-$150. You might not be able to get back what you paid for them since they were slightly worn, but at least you'd get something out of it. That's if they just don't fit you properly,though. If they're completely defected and wouldn't fit anyone right, then you should try to get your money back from the store you bought them at. Did you keep your receipt?
Reply:Just bring it in and said that the shoes suck! Nordstrom is actually very flexible with their return policy and as long as you have the receipt, they can offer a refund to you. Even if you wore it, just tell them that they hurt and after trying to break them in, they still were really stiff and you want a refund.

The Nordstrom people might judge you a bit for returning expensive shoes but at least you won't be stuck with something you probably will never be happy wearing, so who cares!
Reply:The Great thing about nordstom is that you can buy something have it for a long time and they'll take it back and give you:

A. another pair

B. something of equal value or store credit

I had a pair of shoes from their wore them for 2 years and they gave me new ones! also they really I had no choice lol
Reply:yes they have good return policy
Reply:Unfortunately if you wore them, no matter how uncomfortable they are you cannot return worn shoes to a store especially a high end store like Nordstroms. They will not except them back nor will they give you a refund. You are better off just selling them to someone to get your money back. Good Luck.!!


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